• NorCalChallengers

    NorCal Challengers was started when a group of owners and enthusiasts met on another forum, ChallengerTalk.com. After coordinating an initial meeting, a decision was made to create a community for the Northern California region where other owners and enthusiasts could find information about modifying their Challengers, create group events, and share photos. The club has become a group of close friends that are passionate about their Challengers.


    Thank you for your interest in our NorCal Challengers car club. The group was formed in the fall ...

    Here are our current group Officers for the 2017 year, and their contact information. Also included are their forum handles which link to their profile pages for sending PM's.

    Ray Oslowski (Soslowski) President
    John Lowry (AddyRT15) ​Vice President
    Marie Reichmuth (biohzrd) Treasurer

    Terry Henderson (Rozetoo) Merchandise Manager
    Mika Whitfield (Mika666) ​Communications Manager
    Patrick Yokley (proximo) Website Manager